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Gisa Klönne is one of Germany’s top crime writers,

say German journalists. Born in 1964, Klönne studied English and German literature and politics and worked as an editor and journalist. Her highly acclaimed novels, centring on headstrong and vulnerable superintendent Judith Krieger from the Cologne murder squad, were translated into numerous languages and won several awards, including the Friedrich-Glauser-Award for the best crime novel of 2009 for NIGHT WITHOUT SHADOWS. This is he most important prize for crime literature in the German speaking countries.

High class – gripping – dense – psychological – unputdownable say reviews of Klönne´s series of by now five detective novels. Nevertheless Gisa Klönne decided to also explore other literary genres.

Her first family saga STARLING SONG AFTER FROST was published in 2013 and became a bestseller. German critics praised this novel as magic, poetic and compelling. Gisa Klönne´s latest novel THE PROBABILITY OF HAPPINESS appeared in September 2014: A love story that leads two main characters back into one of the dark chapters of German post-war-history.

New Novel 2014
Gisa Klönnes latest novel
published in Germany
in September 2014
PENDO Hardcover 19,99 €
COLOGNE is the city where Gisa Kloenne´s crime novels are set. But sometimes her characters take a trip to the German provinces, to Canada, Russia or Greece ...
Gisa Klönne is an exceptional talent among German crime writers.
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Klönne – a class act!
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Gisa Klönne´s novels have been translated into various languages. More translations ...

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